Twice a day I put water on to boil
Without turning the burner on
The tea bag in my cup
Has been waiting for boiling water
All morning
While the stove sleeps

We could have just gone
Swimming in the river
In the living room
Without the sun

I believe in I learned in the summer
I gave up

It helps to have a definition
Though its not enough
You have to look for the synonyms and
The antonyms
You have to know what it does
In a sentence
Even when you’re not reading it.

You could have told me
Something I didn’t want to hear
And you did
But I didn’t hear it

So you kept calling me
On your way home anyway
Until Spring

It wasn’t something that I expected
But everyone got me a going away present,

Except you
didn’t even think of doing that
And I
didn’t even think of anyone doing that

Giving me something I didn’t have to beg for
Something I never even imagined
I just packed up my things and cried
For three days.
And then drove for 3 days.

I didn’t even know I wanted something from someone
Those are the best things.

Something thoughtful and thoughtless
Reflexive, not careless
Something I wouldn’t have otherwise missed.


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